About the brand

Muus stands for “ice” in the Yakut language.

Lena Maksimova, the designer behind the brand creates strikingly feminine but still wearable pieces for the everyday life.

Her sources of inspiration reflect Lena’s keen interest in historic costumes of 18-19-th century Russia and the North nations.

Today the designer’s inclination for the avangard and deconstructed shapes of early collections has changed for the swing of loose and minimnal silhouettes and strikingly elaborate details by way of frills, ruffles and exaggerated collars.

Her distinctive style have quickly gained her followers and like-minded admirers who value the brand’s authenticity, credibility and a deliberate shift away from the fast fashion cycles of production.

The brand sources only high-quality Italian fabrics, stays away from chasing seasonal trends and produces all of the collections in Moscow thus supporting local production and fair pay practices.

The small team behind the brand consists of cutters and seamstresses, the brand manager, the graphic designer and Lena herself.

Today the brand is stocked at CDD and GUM Section boutique in Moscow, 8 Store boutique in St.Petersburg as well as other regions of Russia and abroad.

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